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Organization skills for administrative assistants are one of the most valuable skills to have as an administrative assistant.

Without the ability to organize your work and your resources, you could be twisting in the wind in no time.Versace VE3263B Black Clear Lens Eyeglasses You may have been able to muddle along back in the day, but in today’s competitive environment, you need to work any advantage in your favor.

Fortunately, there are at least 9 ways to improve your organization skills as an administrative assistant without too much effort on your part.Bathroom Round Retro Washbasin Sink Ceramic Container Hotel Splash-proof Wash Basin

Most people take the work one day at a time, coming in ready to take on whatever happens. However, that means you are reacting to a situation rather than preparing for it in advance. 2-black BOSTANTEN Wallets for Men Genuine Leather RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet With 2 ID Window BlackThe best way to make the most of your day is to prepare for it in advance. Black Eyewear Frames-Vseegrs Fashion Rectangle Non-Prescription Optical Eyeglasses FrameKnow what you need to do for the next day and make preparations for them before you leave for the day. This not only takes the guesswork out of your workday, it might even give you some insights or ideas of how to do the work better.

Part of being proactive is making a list of all the things you need to do for each day. The benefits of this are of course so you don’t forget anything.Beige Pal Zileri Concept Lightweight Designer Hooded Jacket Shell An added bonus to making a list is crossing it out. It gives you not only a concrete way to keep track of the tasks you need to do, but it motivates you to keep doing it because it gives you such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishing crossing each item on your list.FreelyMen Baggy Plaid Quilted Woolen Jacket Trench Double-Breasted Top Coat This is putting all your ducks in a row, and you shoot them down one by one, metaphorically speaking.

At the same time you are planning the day and making your list of tasks, you should make a schedule, giving each task a prescribed time to do each one.SHOWNO Men's Regular Fit Casual Faux Leather Full-Zip Moto Biker Windbreaker Jacket Coat You can ensure you meet all your deadlines, and nothing is left by the wayside.

You are more likely to get more things done, and in time, if you start early. Sik Silk Men's Muscle Fit Joggers, BlackOf course, this should reflect on the work schedule you make, but getting started early also means there are other things you can do to keep you on your toes, such as daily exercise and a good breakfast. Starting early also means you avoid stress by having plenty of time to get to work and do anything else you need to do.Briatong Amateur T Shirt 100% Premium Cotton Made in Peru (Slim Fit) Short Sleeve

Most of your files are probably going to be digital, but you still need to know where everything you need is stored. Looking for lost files will take up as much of your time as looking for misplaced items. You need to make sure all your files are in its proper place.Bijjaladeva Antique Bathroom Sink Vessel Faucet Basin Mixer Tap copper gold natural jade basin pull-down faucet gold plated lowered basin of hot and cold taps for Wong Yuk) You should also have a master document of all your files, and the location of those files.

Everybody has a certain time of the day when they are most productive. Some work better early in the morning, while others work best in the evening.Moned Brass Chrome Plating, Bathroom Washbasin, Basin Art Basin, Hot and Cold Ba You should schedule all your most demanding or challenging work during this time. Of course, if your business involves meeting with other people, you need to coordinate your prime time with theirs.

You may think it is obvious, but you waste a lot of time dealing with interruptions to your work. This is why it is important to make a schedule. Zxy Home Bathroom ZXY Shower European golden shower sprinkler suit all copper two hand wheel crystal shower valve hand-held shower showerFollow the schedule and avoid distractions as much as possible. Turn off your mobile phone, close the door to your office, and avoid useless meetings. If you travel frequently, you should travel in as comfortable surroundings as you can so you can do work.

You might think you are saving money by doing everything yourself. The fact is, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort by delegating tasks to the right people and focusing on core activities that will make you money.

Whether you work alone, or you have employees, you want to arrange your work area so you can be more efficient. Dark Grey TootlessMen 100% Cotton Cargo Work Straight Leg Messenger Work PantsYou can minimize the time and effort it takes to get things done. Even putting the photocopier next to where you keep your paper supplies can help save a few steps and trips that ultimately increase your productivity, and that of your employees.

Organizational skills for administrative assistants are crucial to the success of any business. Some people are naturally organized, but even if you aren’t, you can develop them.New York Leather Mens Biker Lambskin Motto Slim Fit Leather Jacket These 9 ways can help you improve your organization skills in practical and workable ways.

We want to hear from you, what are your favorite tips for better organization? Share some of your organization skills, tips, and tricks in the comments below.

Learn more administrative professional skills that will launch you further into career success by attending our World Class Assistant™ course and obtaining the Certified World Class Assistant designation.

purplec Purple Donahue Men's Trim Fit Micro Dress Shirt, Purple David Crosshatch dprfsx992-Dress Shirts

  1. I agree that learning to delegate is an important thing to do to improve organization skills. Besides taking off some tasks you have on plate that can be done by others, you will also know how your coworkers perform and maybe explore what else they can do to help you in the future.

  2. I keep my to-do list, incoming phone messages, instructions from my manager and all my notes from meetings, as well as ideas for things to do during down time, in a single spiral notebook. That way everything is in one place and I don’t have post-it notes all over my desk, phone messages laying loose, and ideas lost because I never wrote them down. The spiral notebook is good because it lays flat, and I can use flags on certain pages to remind me where a certain subject is located. I also update my to-do list periodically as things get crossed off so it’s not just a list of things checked off mixed with the ones still needing to be done. A lot of people write their lists at the end of every day, but I find I only need to do it about once a week.

purplec Purple Donahue Men's Trim Fit Micro Dress Shirt, Purple David Crosshatch dprfsx992-Dress Shirts

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