Born in Bath, England, moved to Boston and raised a Sox fan, developed a 67 mph fast ball in high school, worked at a cupcake shop through college, spent an eye-opening semester in London, touched Stonehenge at sun rise, sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, spent a winter interning at the charming design studio, Hatch in San Francisco, volunteered my summers throughout college at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications, gave 3,458 piggy back rides as a camp counselor in Maine, moved to New York City to become a designer, got hired at Mother NY, moved into an apartment with a teal green ceiling, stayed at a tipi village in Oregon, learned to ski without falling, walk like a New Yorker and play The Luckiest on the piano by heart, sweated through the Memorial Day Murph, fell in love and chopped down my own christmas tree for the first time, said goodbye to Mother, said hello to J.Crew, drive to Ralph Wilson Stadium every September, compete in a triathlon every month in the summer, and make my own granola recipe once in a while, lost a dear friend, became a proud Auntie and plan to continue designing, smiling, learning greek and dancing through life. It's a pleasure to meet you.